Click Assist - One Click to Rule Them All

Click Assist is a free accessibility tool to help people with difficulty performing various mouse actions such as right click or double clicking. Click Assist is not dwell click software, this is designed for individuals who can left click but need assistance with the other functions of a computer mouse.

The Click Assist toolbar

How it works: Simply select a mouse action from the Click Assist toolbar and press the left mouse button to perform the desired action. Mouse actions can be selected by either clicking or hovering over the associated icon for a short period. Watch the following video to see Click Assist in action.

Click Assist is fully customizable
Hide any icons you don't require. Change the size of the toolbar. Choose to display toolbar either horizontally(left to right) or vertically(top to bottom).

Customize options
Tray icon

Included tray icon
No button to waste space in your task-bar. Right click tray icon to access Click Assists options pane. Simply left click to quickly hide or show Click Assist toolbar.

Click Assist is completely free software. You are free to download and use the software at no charge.

Download Now

Click Here to Download Click Assist

Click Assist should run on any recent version of Windows, including Windows 10.

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Click Assist was created with AutoHotkey, special thanks to its authors and the AutoHotkey support community.

Copyright (C) 2016 Steven Ferreira

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